Custom Works

If we're being technical, almost every item within Black Revolver is a custom work, but Stephanie still offers clients a chance to create something truly OOAK made just for them.
Customs within Black Revolver are truly made to impress, from custom-wear accessories and apparel to one of a kind re-worked vintage jackets and other items: Stephanie takes the time to put a piece of her heart into each work for her clients, from conceptualizing sketches to the finished project.
Interested in a custom work? Purchase your Custom Items Deposit and she will be in touch shortly!
Custom Vintage Military Jacket with Red Stars by Black Revolver Clothier
A simple custom sleeve job on a vintage military jacket.
Live Wire Motley Crue Inspired Custom Shirt Jacket by Black Revolver Clothier
A Motley Crue inspired shirt-jacket with dead-stock leopard live wire bolt.
Palaye Royale Custom Hat by Black Revolver
A custom hat inspired by the band Palaye Royale.
Custom Hat Inspired by Palaye Royale's Emerson Barrett by Black Revolver
A custom hat where the customer wanted something inspired by Emerson Barrett (Palaye Royale).